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At Colorado Dermatology Specialists, we strive to provide superior dermatologic care. From the exam room at the office, to the hospital bedside, to the microscope, to the teaching of future doctors and nurses, we are devoted to the practice of the best patient care.

Our primary focus is medical Dermatology. This includes skin diseases, rashes, skin cancer, malignant melanoma, allergy, pediatric skin disease, skin infections, autoimmune skin disease and disorders of nails and hair. We offer full care of your skin, including diagnosis, treatment, surgery and some cosmetic procedures.

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Dr. Lemon was honored with "5280’s Top Dermatologist" this year…for the 14th year in a row.

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What people are saying...

After receiving a recommendation from my friend and then confirming on Yelp, I made an appointment with Dr. Serota for my acne issues that have been dragging on for years. I was able to get an appointment within a week and was in and out of my appointment in less than an hour. Dr. Serota and the staff were kind, respectful and highly professional. They answered all my questions and put together a game plan to tackle my adult acne. Happy I found this place!

-Lucy K